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Fulwood Dress made in Mammoth Plaid Flannel

So happy to be showing more of our Mammoth plaids made up! I was very keen to expand on what can be made in these gorgeous flannels from America and a dress like this is what I had in mind. I asked fabulous customer, Katie, if she would make Wendy Ward's Fulwood Dress for us and it's just stunning. Katie is a fan of these fabrics and chose use our Mammoth Brown - I love how she's matched this plaid in this great simple style. So, so nice and lovely and warm for Winter!  

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Parkwood Plaid Cowl made in cosy Mammoth flannel

Continuing to explore different ways of sewing with this Smoke flannel from our American Mammoth Plaid collection, it is so soft and perfect for accessories as well as clothing. Here I've made the Parkwood Cowl a sewing pattern by Wendy Ward of MIY Collection. This fabric is brushed on both sides, here I used it for both the lining and the outer for that extra fabulous warmth! As this fabric isn't quite wide enough for the pattern I cut it length ways, the plaid design and the grain allows for this taking up around 1.5 metres. Fun to make and quick too!  

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Top 64 made in Mammoth plaid flannel

I want to make things that don't resemble lounge wear in this beautiful luxurious Mammoth plaid flannel imported from the US and this is my first make. I love the Top 64 sewing pattern by Merchant and Mills, it's one of my favourites that works well in many different types of fabrics. This burgundy version feels like a light weight sweater, so soft and super cosy without the bulk. It's been a while since sewing a plaid and I must be honest I found matching the design up really tricky and my attempt is definitely not perfect! To add to that I kept...

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Stanage Ikat Staple Dress

I'm still working my way sewing through the Edge Collection fabrics, a range I designed myself, exclusively hand woven for us in India. This Stanage Ikat design is inspired by the granite boulders that run along the landscapes on the outskirts of Sheffield. This is the Staple Dress by April Rhodes and it's super easy to make, it is literally just two pattern pieces plus pockets! I love this washed black and the very faint line running through the grain is just a feature of the particular piece I cut, it can change throughout. As always this fabric is fabulous to...

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Bantam Top made in softened rust linen

In a bid to not give in to winter, I wanted to share a make in this Lithuanian linen fabric from our collection. The Bantam top sewing pattern by Merchant and Mills is from their amazing work book. This top is lovely to wear and linen is just right, especially in the heat. I love that this sewing pattern fits me well, a lot of vest styles are usually too low at the chest. The bias binding on the neckline is a little fiddly, it's worth taking the time as you get this perfect shape that sits beautifully. Please excuse the bra straps and a creased look but it's real! ...

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