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Willow Tank made in Ikat Spot Mono Indian Handloom Fabric

I made the perfect breezy top out of our Spot Mono Ikat fabric! Indian handloom fabrics are always easy to sew, the loose slubby weave moulds just nicely into whatever garment you're creating. I love the Willow Tank and for this cropped version I followed the online tutorial on Grainline Studio (one of my favourite sewing pattern designers!). It's quite simple and quick to make, the binding for the neck and sleeves is a little fiddly but quite satisfying. Perfect to wear with my jeans as always!

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Grainline Scout Tee made in Kokka 'Parallels' double gauze fabric

The ever so popular Grainline Scout tee is one of my most worn handmade things, it's super easy to sew and quick. Here I made it up in our Japanese double gauze Parallels Fabric by Kokka which works really well for this. On first glance you might think this print is a bit full on but it's really not the case at all. I styled it with our solid black double gauze fabric from the same Kokka range, this was my intention all along when choosing this exciting range by Ellen Baker. I'm glad I finally got around to sewing...

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Anna's Raindrop Top

When I came across Anna on Instagram I was totally struck by her amazing sewing skills, especially when I realised how young she is - almost the same age as my daughter! Anna has started a wonderful blog called 'Let's Get Sewing' - she's an inspiration for young people everywhere and I wanted to help her out by offering her some of our fabric to play with. As expected, Anna's creative wizardry came up with something special, I mean, just check the hemline! Anna chose a pattern hack of the Coco Top by Tilly and the Buttons for our Pluie D'or fabric....

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My Fielder Top - made in Derwent Handloom Indian Ikat

I had to build myself up to cut into this one, our very own ikat fabric design of 2016! Our handloom Derwent Ikat has a lovely soft feel and I thought would really suit this Merchant and Mills sewing pattern The Fielder. I had thoughts of a dress shirt or tunic at first but then I wanted to make something I'm more likely to wear, a lot! As I started the process I had little pangs of guilt that I was not doing this fabric enough justice with a statement piece! I live in jeans and tees and I've had my eye on the...

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Waver Jacket - My Cosy Named Clothing Waver Jacket

Anyone who follows me on Instagram may well remember this jacket I made last winter, after all, it became quite a project under our 'share your sewing' hashtag! Lots of followers were so helpful and inspired me with this make. I never got around to blogging it, probably because I spent the second half of Winter trying to finish it! By Spring I'd progressed onto other things, ha, maybe I'd had enough!!! These are the photographs I took, back then, so it's nice to revisit it now. This Waver Jacket PDF sewing pattern by Papercut Patterns is a very popular make and I like it's...

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