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Merchant and Mills Camber Set T-shirt - in Thai Indigo Handloom

CamberSet handloom indigo Merchantandmills T-shirt Thai thailand Top

Oh how I just love Merchant and Mills sewing patterns! I've had my eye on the Merchant and Mills Camber Set for ages - to try the t-shirt style top. I've also been inspired by my collection of Denim Tops on Pinterest. So when I added this Indigo Tide fabric to our Faberwood collection I saw my opportunity to start something along similar lines. I was desperate to show the luxury, denim and slubby cloth like feel of this fabric made up. This fabric is amazing! It was a very tough decision over what to make with it, not to mention the fear of...

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Indigo Fabric of Thailand - an Artisan Story

handloom Handwoven indigo thailand

Take a look behind the scenes of our Indigo Tide fabric, here our suppliers from Thailand share their wonderful story... We are designers based in Bangkok, Thailand that work with women's traditional weaving co-ops in Northeast Thailand. The primary group that we work with is based in Sakon Nakhon province, on the border with Laos. This co-op consists of 40 women weavers that follow traditional hand-loom techniques. These weavers grow their own indigo plants and follow traditional Thai hand-dying techniques. The run-off and waste water from this process is 100% biodegradable. all refuse is composted and then used to enrich the soil for next...

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