Shop By Country

We are proud to present specially imported fabric where each country has it's own style.


The home of couture and coming from little unheard boutiques is often where we find the batistes and fine cotton percales. There is a distinct fashionable flavour with these textiles that almost always feature a print! Expect sophistication and understated designs and beautiful quality fabric.


From homespun to a block print, no two pieces are the same. Fabric produced here is often made by a small family run business using traditional techniques passed through the generations that are still perfect for modern day sewing. A true hand crafted textile that will bring a whole new experience to your handmade clothing.


There is a style that is done so well in America! Here we bring the most luxurious cotton flannels and supreme quality twills in designs and colour ways that are unique that you'll be rarely see in the UK. Lovely textiles for a more urban style.


Japan produce state of the art textiles with a vast range of fibres. A well know feature of Japan is cotton double gauze (two layers of fabric pin stitched) creating this amazing fabric for clothing. Precision perfect print is a distinct feature that you will get with these, very special indeed.


A country where they are not afraid of pattern and colour, Finland is definitely home of the knit fabric. Artists are a consistent feature during the design process and the way they have their work printed onto these textiles, it becomes a graphical feast! Very modern and inventive with big wide widths of fabric to enjoy making your clothes.


Fresh cutting edge sweater knits in abundance with an element of fun! Fabrics from Belgium are so innovative it can be very hard to choose with so many styles along with all the corresponding ribs to match. There is a strong taste for design here and they'll produce it in many forms and the extensive range of colour palettes are to dye for!