Sewing for a wedding in Spain!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know about my memade outfit for a special wedding in Spain. As usual I swapped and changed my mind, stressing about the heat (main issue in August!) The one thing I did settle on early was linen. I then eventually settled on making a Saltmarsh skirt and a Willow tank, both in lush laundered linen from Merchant and Mills. The skirt is from the Work Book by Merchant and Mills. I've made a few things now from this book, I love the simple and timeless classic designs. The skirt felt fab, keeping the length super maxi and trying not to trip over it! I'd made a few wearable muslins in the Willow Tank by Grainline Studio, each time working on the cropped version and playing around with the length. I wanted the top to meet the skirt at the waistline just nicely. This relaxed and slightly 'crumpled' look is kind of what I embraced, not particularly dressy at all, I had that much sweat pouring from me I was actually glad I had the linen to soak it all up - I know, a bit gross but I thought I'd say it how it is! Pairing this outfit with sandals (Spanish of course) and accessories, my main goal was to feel comfortable. As I was going so plain I decided to add a hand made tassel necklace from Written in Cloth found via the wonderful community on Instagram, the little Moroccan style handbag I found in a little boutique in Mojacar.
It was such a wonderful day. I was asked to take photographs of the ceremony and I thoroughly enjoyed swooning over the details of the fantastic venue.
This is a place that has a special place in our hearts, we've visited many times over many years, due to the grandparents living nearby. Nothing has changed, everything is just as it was, the tiles, the courtyard, it's like time has stood still.
So, I thought it would be nice to include a little about this unique hotel. Built on the beach front of Los Alazares The Hotel Balneario La Encarnacion dates back to a period when the affluent middle classes from the Spanish cities started to visit the seaside to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bathing in the warm waters of the Mar Menor.
Also, I found out the hotel was the location for the film Garden of Eden chosen for it's nostalgic atmosphere, it really does have a unique vibe. The style is typically mediterranean and me and my daughter could not resist a little photography tour!
When planning the wedding my sister-in-law wanted to use some Faberwood fabric and picked Gold Points from Japan. She made her own little favour bags and decorated the trimmings all to match, my husband designed and hand printed all the stationary and printwork. 


  • irene says...

    hello, love the skirt from M and M , pls could i ask what size you used?

    On Apr 25, 2023

  • Susan Trevaskiss says...

    Brilliant blog Fiona. Was an honour to include your beautiful fabric in my day. You all helped make the day super special. Your outfit was beautiful and suited you perfectly. Your passion has truly impressed and inspired me to get mums sewing machine out of retirement and make some bits fir the wedding. Curtains next then who knows.

    On Aug 27, 2017

  • Anna says...

    Your outfit seems perfect for the day! It must have looked lovely with a necklace too. The photos are beautiful!

    On Aug 14, 2017

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