African Hand Dyed Batik Lava

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Quite possibly one of the most beautiful creations that we've had in Faberwood and of very limited supply. This hand-dyed Batik cotton is created by batik artists based in Ghana. Our supplier of these has developed a wonderful friendship with some of the talented dyers, each design is identified by the makers name, this one being Betta. I've said many times about my love of art on textile and this is truly it! I could try and describe the colours but hopefully you can see it right here in these pictures, expertly modelled by my daughter!

Batik is wax applied to the fabric before the dying process, where dye cannot penetrate the waxed area is where the fabric stays it's original colour. Where there is no wax the dye colours the fabric. The wax can be applied with many different tools, including foam, rubber and wooden stamps to brushes. Some wax is dripped from a height and in many layers, with dip dyes in between - can you imagine the work?! 

This fabric is a great medium weight 100% cotton that I expect will soften with wash and wear, it would make a great gathered waist skirt, bouncing that design right out there. It's magnificent and no piece is ever the same!

Treat this fabric with gentle care and always use a mild detergent no hotter than 30°


100% cotton 

115 cm wide

Gentle wash 30°

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