Hand-dyed African Cotton Batik Moss

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A very rare and immensely wonderful fabric coming from a community of unique artists based in The Gambia. Only available in very limited quantities due to the short run batches that are produced by each maker and all made by hand.

Batik is wax applied to the fabric before the dying process, where dye cannot penetrate the waxed area is the fabric stays it's colour. Where there is no wax the dye colours the fabric. The wax can be applied with many different tools, from foam rubber to wooden stamps and brushes. Some wax is dripped from a height and in many layers, with dip dyes in between - can you imagine the work?! 

This 100% cotton is quite sturdy making it suitable for clothing or decor. The colours created during this unique dying process mean each section changes throughout it's creation. This was a joy to photograph, you could pick out little sections and work it into a very exciting project. The olive greens dusted with coral and yellows are pure heaven! 

If, like me, you have a yearning for a painting like creation on a textile then this will deliver. All our African fabrics are supplied by an amazing lady who visits Ghana regularly. She has seen these being made and has formed friendships with each artist knowing them by name. 

Treat this fabric with gentle care and always use a mild detergent no hotter than 30°

100% cotton 

115 cm wide

Gentle wash 30°

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