Japanese Kasuri Indigo Sora

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Sora is a soft but sturdy-feeling medium weight, it has drape and is not stiff. This staggered design is laid in by hand during the weaving process using a thick tie and dye technique forming a modern pattern. This would be perfect for a light summer jacket or a shirt and would also make dresses requiring a little bit of structure. The skilled precision weaving creates a consistent surface throughout that will make unique, very high-end clothing.

I feel quite honoured to stock these very exclusive Japanese textiles. Our Kasuri collection is made by skilled craftsmen based in what is considered the last remaining factories in Fukuyama city in the Hiroshima province of Japan. So much skill and attention to detail are woven into every fibre of this fabric. While preserving designs that have been handed down through generations.

Kasuri means fibres dyed specifically to create patterns in Japanese. This exclusive Kasuri is produced on old-fashioned 1950s shuttle loom weaving machines, where they 'weave cloth slowly' and I bet it sounds amazing! While the vintage machines are running, the persimmon juice dyed threads are 'dropped in' by hand. It's similar to an Ikat technique, where the warp and weft threads interlace forming patterns within the fabric. During the weaving process, the cloth's nep also has an irregularity which is intentional, for that non-uniform look. You get the precision of well-built engineering combined with the unparalleled skill of the operator - who creates beauty like an artist playing an instrument.

These fabrics are made in a similar way to selvedge denim with a distinctive quality feel like no other. Such fabrics are not mass-produced and will stand the test of time allowing the wearer to develop their own custom item. Completely made of cotton the dyes used are organic coming from natural indigo and persimmon juice. Kasuri will soften over time with wear and will develop a beautiful and natural fade just like Japanese denim.  


100% cotton, natural indigo, handcrafted in Japan

100 cm wide

Cool gentle wash, max 30, dry flat, no tumble dry


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