Grainline Scout Tee made in Kokka 'Parallels' double gauze fabric

The ever so popular Grainline Scout tee is one of my most worn handmade things, it's super easy to sew and quick. Here I made it up in our Japanese double gauze Parallels Fabric by Kokka which works really well for this. On first glance you might think this print is a bit full on but it's really not the case at all. I styled it with our solid black double gauze fabric from the same Kokka range, this was my intention all along when choosing this exciting range by Ellen Baker.

I'm glad I finally got around to sewing this type of fabric, it's so light and floaty and unique, think my love affair with double gauze has begun. Now I want to make all the summer things!

  • Monica says...

    I’ve never tried that pattern… do you think it’s possible to make it with 3/4 sleeves?

    On May 31, 2017

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