Japanese Selvedge Denim 12.6 oz Grey

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Sourcing such special fabric for Faberwood is always a personal journey for me and with this one, I'm borderline ecstatic! Genuine selvedge denim expertly crafted in Japan, home of (what is considered to be) the best denim in the world. It can be very challenging to get this quality of denim here in the UK (and in many other countries no doubt), especially in this colour - a classic mid-slate shade of grey.

Japanese selvedge denim is woven using old vintage shuttle looms operated by highly skilled craftspeople and takes much longer to make than denim made on modern machines. A great deal of patience and precision goes into every section of the denim as it is formed. The finish is far superior and this one is smooth whilst sturdy, with a weight of 12.6 oz. The structure is buttery soft to handle and will be delicious to sew with. Textures can be formed in this style of denim production, I've seen so many variations - it is mind-blowing - it's all down to the 'hands-on' approach and attention to detail by the Japanese experts.

A detail unique to the process is the threads. They are naturally dyed before looming begins, so form that old-school denim weave with such gorgeous depth and tone that the overall appearance is quite different. Narrow width is a traditional characteristic of the old looms but they do produce the perfect selvedge edges with no fraying.

I was specifically looking for a grey selvedge, to feed my current obsession with jeans making and for my next pair, I plan to document the process using this denim. A jacket would look great in this too, do be prepared to keep all those pretty selvedge edges to work into your project, you'll want to savour every little last bit!

A note on care and laundering this fabric - the factory notes 0-3% possible shrinkage. I had a chat with my denim supplier who advised against pre-washing prior to sewing, as it would wash out the starch making it less easy to sew with. In fact, would you even ever wash it?!! There is nothing worse than spending time and energy on a garment with the fear of shrinking afterwards, so I did my own wash test. I cold soaked a 15cm square piece and I found no shrinkage but please err on the side of caution - adding a little allowance within your pattern is advised. 


Please note: To avoid creasing and to keep this fabric in pristine condition this denim will be delivered to you rolled in a poster-style tube 


100% cotton Made in Japan

81 cm wide  

13 oz weight

Cold wash on delicate, lowest spin setting, or hand wash, dry flat, do not wring


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