Top 64 made in Mammoth plaid flannel

I want to make things that don't resemble lounge wear in this beautiful luxurious Mammoth plaid flannel imported from the US and this is my first make. I love the Top 64 sewing pattern by Merchant and Mills, it's one of my favourites that works well in many different types of fabrics. This burgundy version feels like a light weight sweater, so soft and super cosy without the bulk. It's been a while since sewing a plaid and I must be honest I found matching the design up really tricky and my attempt is definitely not perfect! To add to that I kept changing my mind over thread colour and I started with the route of top stitching then changed my mind on that too, meaning a lot of unpicking! Fortunately the fabric could handle it, this is such a decent quality 'cloth' with a fabulous floppy weight and feels really, really special. I've tried to show it's squidgy brushed pile in these photos and how the stitches sink nicely. You could go all out and use a good quality top-stitch thread which would be the icing on the cake. This fabric really comes into it's own when made into a garment, it just transforms and is an absolute joy to sew!


  • Katherine says...

    Hi, I love this so much that I’m going to attempt to make it (with the help of Wendy @MIYWorkshop!) Please could you tell me how much fabric you used and which thread you ended up using?
    Thank you

    On May 10, 2019

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