Top 64 made in Atelier Brunette Dash Lime

I wanted to get this latest make up on here before the Summer was out!

This Dash Lime fabric is such a fab colour and matches our great sunshine that we've been having here in Sheffield. This isn't quite the shoot I had planned for it, but during the school holidays things can get a bit hectic, I've had great difficulties getting this lovely warm shade across on screen, but think these photographs just about do it justice.

The paper pattern Top 64 by Merchant and Mills is suggested for heavy fabric, but I think it works just as well in this light weight cotton. I love the details of this sewing pattern, the 'many' seams are what gives it quite a special shape and it fits me well.

I've made a few before in a heavier weight but never worn them, probably because they always felt like a jacket that I can't quickly remove indoors without actually stripping off! Plus, I seem to have a constant yearn to make a shirt, but get put off with all the collars and buttons, I'm a little lazy! This top feels like a shirt but without all the faff, so I'm happy!

The other plus with this sewing pattern is that I don't need to make any adjustments, the length, the fit, everything is bang on, not always the case with M&M as their styles can sometimes drown me. Actually, I lie! I made the sleeves 3/4 length on this but that was a style choice - 3/4 sleeves are a fave!

It's great that many of you on Instagram have already been inspired with this lighter fabric approach, you should try it too!

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