Something for the guys (maybe)

Rounding up a month of sharing ideas for making things in our Mammoth Flannel and Ventana Twill fabric, this time I wanted to collect a few ideas for mens sewing patterns. Strictly speaking I think these styles can be classed as unisex but maybe men like to have there own range! Male, or masculine styles, appeal to me for instance the chore jacket style is very popular across the sexes. Here I've listed a few casual sewing patterns that I like the casual style of.


Mens Overshirt by Wardrobe by Me

The first thing I liked about this pattern is the relaxed style of the collar. I have a fear of sewing structured collars. There is something about shirt making that I avoid like plackets, then there are all the buttons! Some nice pocket variations on this - I've shown this style to my husband, 'I could make this for you, not quite as scary as a full blown shirt' he waits....


Foreman Shirt by Merchant & Mills

For all your weighty fabric needs Merchant & Mills wins so many times. This jacket I would wear, I've seen many male and female representations of this. Would look amazing in our Ventana twill plus I like the simple urban, boxy feel of this and the matching buttons too. I think Mr T would approve of this too!


Fairfield Button Up by Thread Theory

This is definitely the go to for a classic plaid flannel shirt, I've seen lots of these online if you just search for this sewing pattern. One day I may build the courage to have a go at making this, I think I'd choose this Smoke Mammoth Flannel. A recent customer made this up in our Burgundy Mammoth Flannel for her husband and it is simply stunning.


Negroni Shirt by Collette Patterns

I love a Western pocket! You could make a beauty of a heavy shirt in a twill version of this (in my mind my husband has a lot of new shirts!!) I'd possibly go for this Ventana Twill Smoke Blue then I'd have to choose some really stylish poppers for an awesome finishing touch. It would also be fabulous in a plaid like this Mammoth Plaid Brown.


Dinali by Seamwork

This choice was a last minute find as I've never really been looking for a body warmer or vest, as it's described here. I like the lining in plaid to contrast with a plain outer fabric. Some interesting details, I think this would be quite a satisfying make.



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