Simple pencil skirt in diagonal stripe jersey

The best thing about fabric as awesome as this is you can make something really simple in very little time and it looks ace!

Here I used our designer organic jersey Diagonal Stripe by Finland brand Ikasyr. It's a great strong stretch and sews up really well with not much curling!

I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest How to sew a knit pencil skirt in 20 minutes! I have to be honest here, it took me a lot longer, after having and argument with the stripes, I didn't want to line them up, too 'matchy'. I cut it out spacing them kind of evenly but as I sewed some stripes kept lining back up! Anyway, I gave up in the end, they're fine!

I recommend tacking first with this project to trial the fit. The tutorial measurements I found were a bit too snug for me, so I added a couple more inches to the side seams. There are some really useful techniques on the tutorial video, such as sewing the elastic to the fabric and stitch styles for knit hems.

This is a lovely fabric that feels really nice to wear!

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