My top 10 dress patterns to make with handloom Ikat fabric

I've been deliberating over sewing patterns to sew up with our new Faberwood Ikat fabric. Handloom fabrics due to their relaxed and natural weave are fabulous and comfortable to wear in any season. They also tend to 'settle' in once sewn up and washed into a stylish garment featuring that light slub style with a worn in look. That's what I love the most about these textiles, it's in the nature, expect some mismatched threads here and there!

They are great for most things and I can go on and on with the endless supply of indie sewing patterns out there. Here I've picked my favourites dress styles that I like and that would suit our Edge Collection. You could make something with a little more volume but I think these fabrics lend themselves to less structure with a natural flow

Enjoy! You can click through on these pics for the link to these sewing patterns... 


Sheath Dress by The Avid Seamstress


The Fielder by Merchant and Mills


Charlie Caftan by Closet Case Patterns


Lou Box Dress by Sew DIY


The Tea House Dress by Sew House Seven


Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts


Trevi Dress by Hey June Handmade


Southport Dress by True Bias


The Fulwood by MIY Collection


Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing

  • Fiona Trevaskiss says...

    Funnily enough I’m making the Staple dress that isn’t on this list! X

    On Jun 12, 2018

  • Anna says...

    Ooh I’ve always wanted to make the inari! Some lovely pattern choices which I’m sure would look wonderful with your stunning fabric.

    On Jun 12, 2018

  • Kate says...

    My original plan was the sew house 7 dress, now I’m loving the Fielder! Ahhh decisions decisions. Which are you making?

    On Jun 12, 2018

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