Sewing Inspiration and 6 Dresses to make in Mammoth Plaid flannel

I have a long standing passion for a plaid flannel dress, the thing is I don't wear dresses very often! I really like the idea of using plaids in interesting ways rather than them only thinking of button up shirts or lounge pants. These are what inspire me, some beautiful winter unique styles.


One of my favourites for cosy styling is Toast


This style is taken from Plumo, love this and with the socks!


This shirt dress style I love for it's casual feel


This is interesting from Lazy Oaf, I like the contrast buttons


A classic shirt style by French connection




Now that I've shown what inspires me, here are some dress sewing patterns that I think will work great in our Mammoth Flannels


Farrow Dress by Grainline Studio

This is a simple shape with a lovely hemline and I have seen this done in a flannel plaid and this one I found here is stunning! 


Trapeze Dress by Merchant & Mills

Another wonderfully simple style that should not be too much trouble to plaid match.


The dress shirt by Merchant & Mills

One of M&Ms first pattern releases and I have made this in a few woven fabrics, this I think would also work well in a flannel

The Fulwood dress by MIY Collection

I love the pleat on this and dress and one of our customers has made this in our Mammoth Plaid Brown you can see the completed dress here. I also think this would look good with an addition of a long sleeve for extra warmth, this pattern comes with range of style adjustments as seen below. 

Tova Top & Dress by Wiksten

I class this as the shirt/dress to make when you have an aversion to making shirt collars, like I do! Recently dug out from my pattern box in the hope of making another quite soon, currently thinking of this in Mammoth Plaid White that we added to the collection this winter. I've made one before in a plaid a long time ago before Faberwood even existed! 


Tulip Dress by The Assembly Line

Final suggestion is this dress that I never would have come across if it wasn't for our amazing customers! This has a little more detail going on than the others with some fitting requirements but...oh my, it's just beautiful made in Mammoth Flannel, you can see it in made in Gold on our instagram page here!


Please do email us if you have any more pattern suggestions for this gorgeously soft plaid flannel fabric!

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