Scandi Designer Fabric - Our Latest Collection In Detail

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I'm so pleased to introduce our latest fabric - The Scandinavia Collection. These fabrics from Finland really have a distinct Scandinavian flavour and that effortless Scandi cool. They are all certified organic, made in Europe and of exceptional quality. Any clothing made in these fabrics would be a unique and interesting garment. When I chose these fabrics for our collection, there was no hesitating, I knew we were onto something a little bit special! 

I wanted to talk a little about who designed them and the brands that made them.

Fairy Tale by Sari Pelho

Fairy Tale drawn by artist Sari Pelho was commissioned by lifestyle brand Majappu Design. This design is so magical and imaginative, I really enjoyed exploring our local woods to find little areas that captured the theme for our photographs. Sari Pelho is a Finnish illustrator and pattern designer, her work often features a natural twist and is can be found on many items, not just fabric.

Rose by Leena Renko

Another from Majapuu, Rose is designed by Leena Renko. I like Leena's use of colour and she says her work is inspired by vintage flea markets, which I can totally get with. I love the fabulous rusty brown tone of this stretch jersey fabric.

Lines by Anniina Isokangas

Design brand PaaPii Design started out as a company designing cute soft toys and co-founder Anniina Isokangas still creates all the fabric patterns. PaaPii are known for their colourful, playful designs and they have some great products made using their fabrics. We chose these designs for their simplicity and geometric style.

Triangles by Anniina Isokangas


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