Lou Box Top sewing pattern made in Black Ikat fabric

One of the best things about the new Faberblog is it gives me a chance to talk a bit more in depth about our fabrics. As I create garments I can learn a bit more about how the fabric handles and pass on this vital information. I've been really excited about this Black Fire Ikat fabric and I decided that a nice boxy top would suit it. This Lou Box top from Sew DIY fitted the bill perfectly, the pattern is actually lots of tops rolled into one and has lots of style options.

Traditionally made handloom Indian cotton woven into a gorgeous geometric design. It was quite interesting sewing with this, it can fray a little, due to it's slub weave style. It's handled being washed and pressed fine during stitching, it really is quite robust. I expect this top to look a bit more 'washed' as it gets worn and laundered and that I like!

Also, a thank you to Wendy at MIY Collection for your great tips on biased faced hems, worked great for this cropped top!

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