We're Live!

After 6 months of making Faberwood I'm feeling pretty tired, but it's a good kind of tired! When I look at what we've achieved - fabric sourcing, photo shoots, marketing, web building and social media socialising, it all feels great. The kids aren't feeling too neglected or hungry and the house is still in a reasonable state! That said it's been a good couple of months since I've been in the sewing room and I can't wait to get creating with the first batch of fabrics we have in stock.

Faberwood started with my love for fabric, design, photography and the outdoors, It's turned into something so much more than I envisaged. I think it would have been a different story without my family around me to join in the creativity, they're a pretty awesome bunch who get the whole idea. They've been taking part too, we schedule in picnics and walks while on shoots around Sheffield and the Peak District. I'm not sure when they'll get fed up of hearing me say 'ahh this would make a great Faberwood location'. My husband is the marketing and design guru and he's just brought this whole package to life!

Here are some behind the scenes photographs to show you what's been happening while we've been building Faberwood. Thanks for visiting I do hope you enjoy the journey too!

Team Trevaskiss!

Lady Cannings Plantation Sheffield


These pictures were taken by my children

View from Lady Cannings overlooking the Mayfield Valley

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