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Thank you for following and supporting Faberwood, it seems only right that these genuine half price bolt ends should go our customers and followers. This really is the last chance to get hold of some of these, as the designers will not be making any more. We never normally have "Sales" here at Faberwood, it’s all usually smoke and mirrors the way retailers tend to do it and we don’t like that. But we genuinely want to reward our customers and followers, it means a lot that you take the time to support small businesses like ours (plus we do need to make some space for the fresh fabric we have planned for 2019!)


Aime Comme Marie

Bolt end (126cm x 75cm) of A Nana’s Fabric by Aime Comme Marie 
Normally £12.00 Now Only £5.00

Bolt end (148cm x 88cm) of A Nana’s Fabric Chambray by Aime Comme Marie 
Normally £14.00 Now Only £7.00

Bolt end (140cm x138cm) of Ma Rivière de Diamants by Aime Comme Marie 
Normally £24.00 Now Only £12.00


Bolt end (112cm x 86cm) of Circles Monochrome Double Gauze Cotton by Kokka 
Normally £14.00 Now Only £7.00

Atelier Brunette

Bolt end (3 pieces making approx 185cm x 140cm) of Halo Dusk by Atelier Brunette 
Normally £31.00 Now Only £15.00


Bolt end (160cm x 147cm) of Rose Organic Jersey by Majapuu 
Normally £28.00 Now Only £14.00

Chat Chocolat

Bolt end (2 pieces 160cm x 88cm & 104cm x 30cm) of We are all Stars Brushed Organic Sweatshirt by Chat Chocolat 
Normally £25.00 Now Only £12.00


Bolt end (100cm x 115cm) of African Hand Dyed Batik Lava 
Normally £27.98 Now Only £14.00


Bolt end (108cm x 89cm) of Lines on Lines Indian Block Print 
Normally £12.50 Now Only £6.00