African Hand Dyed Indigo Triple Tie Cotton

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A glorious deep indigo, floaty fabric produced by a family in Sukuta in The Gambia. This tying method traditionally called 'adire' translates to 'tie and dye' technique. Hundreds of little knots are tied by hand that resist the indigo dye and a geometric pattern is formed, it's simply wonderful!

The fabric produced is traditionally worn wrapped around the body and secured with a knot. So you could have a slight dilemma in using it to make clothing! But I love that such an ethical fabric, so steeped in tradition can be celebrated and brought into our world. Creations like these are an equal match to any modern designer fabric and way beyond the mass production found on the high street.

This is exactly what excites me for Faberwood and it's wonderful that we have a reliable supplier who visits the people that actually create these textiles, we can be exactly sure of where this comes from.

Suggestions for use? A scarf would be beautiful (it is naturally a narrow 80cm width) or anything floaty like a tunic, it's light weight and feels a bit like a gauze, just try not to disrupt the design by cutting into it too much and - simply letting it speak! Please see note below, I've washed this fabric myself following this procedure. There is excess dye in the first few washes and the fabric will start to have a slight 'laundered' appearance over time but this is the nature of a naturally dyed fabric, it is a true indigo.

About African natural Indigo fabrics: due to these textiles being dyed with natural indigo excess dye can rub off easily onto your hands or sewing machine. It is really important to pre-soak this fabric in cold water for at least 30 minutes, then a long wash at 30° C and rinse in cold water. Repeat rinsing until water runs clear.


100% hand-dyed indigo cotton (untreated cotton expect a little shrinkage)

80cm wide

30° C on a gentle wash, please see note above


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